Company Profile

Founded in 1995, Asia Pacific CompuNET Limited (“Asia Pacific”) is an Information Technology (IT) solution company with a wide range of skill set, a professional team and devoted hearts to all our clients. With a clear vision in the Internet development in early ‘90s, Asia Pacific is one of the earliest Internet Service Providers in Asia. Asia Pacific participates in evolutions and revolutions of Internet technologies and strongly realizes the importance of IT, in general, and Internet, in particular, as personal and business information & communications tools.

With years of experience in IT solutions and services, we focus in the following areas of businesses:
- Website Design and Development
- Application Development
- APPs and Games Development
- Other Production Services
- Website Hosting


Founded in 1995, Asia Pacific CompuNET Limited (“Asia Pacific”) started as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Hong Kong. As the first generation of ISP in Asia, we provided modem dialup Internet access services and simple static website design and development services in mid-90s.

As time goes by, we grow along with the Internet technology advancements and ride on the continueous development of the Internet and the mobile world, make many dreams come true. Today, our clients make use of our solutions as their principal information dissemination platform, major communication tool, primary business operation equipment. We transform IT know-hows to real values to our clients.


Information Technology, in particular, the Internet, is perhaps the fastest moving industry. In the last few decades, we witness and participate major and minor evolutions and revolutions in the industry. Although the Internet has changed the world and almost every aspect of our lives, one thing has not been changed – our heart.

Starting from day one of our operation, we have already been devoted ourselves to put our clients’ best interest before everything. We believe in bringing values to our clients as our top priority.

We Bring Values